4 Ways To Steer Clear Of Dry Skin This Winter


As much as we hate to admit it, Winter is officially here. While it may not be freezing everywhere yet, the cold temperatures are coming and dry, chapped skin will be creeping up on us sooner or later.

To maintain a moisturized, glowing face all throughout the Winter months it’s important to revamp your skin care routine. Keep reading to check out four skin care tips that will leave you with healthy, hydrated skin from December to March.

  • Make it a point to moisturize, moisturize, and… moisturize some more! Moisturizing is important 365 days a year, but is extremely essential right now. It helps to combat the flaky patches and irritation that these frigid temperatures bring. Keep your face looking #onfleek all day by using one of the moisturizers recommended for your skin type.
  • Natural is the way to go. Skin care products that contain alcohol are definitely a no-go during the next few months as they will break down skin’s barriers and essentially suck out the moisture. Instead opt for products made from cocoa butter or other natural plant-based product. These products are very thick and rich in nutrients and get the job done when it comes to sealing in moisture.
  • Don’t make your soak session too steamy. A warm shower feels great and is often a highlight of everyone’s day, but bathing in extremely hot water can actually dry skin out tremendously during the winter. To avoid dehydrated skin, don’t linger in the shower too long and be sure to apply a thick cream or lotion soon after you get all sudsy clean.
  • Always keep some travel-size beauty products handy. No matter how much you may lather up in lotion before heading out to the bus stop in the morning, the dry Winter air is bound to have its way throughout the day and leave you with areas of cracked skin. That’s why small-sized jars of Vaseline and lotions should always find their way into your schoolbag or purse so you can quickly moisturize on the go.

How do you plan to keep your skin looking its best this season? Let us know!

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