Girl Group “GUDGUD” Talks Style, Beauty, And More!


From The Supremes to Destiny’s Child, there are numerous female ensembles that have made their mark in the music industry. GUDGUD is going to be the newest addition to that influential list. The trio, whose members include Jatarra, Gracious, and Auna, describe their sound as being multidimensional while still exuding that 90’s R&B vibe everyone knows and loves.

GUDGUD’s unique sound and impressive talent has even led them to perform alongside the likes of Mindless Behavior, OMG Girlz and Jacob Latimore. But these girls don’t just love to sing and dance, they’re in love with fashion and makeup as well!

GUDGUD gave ThriftyMinor the scoop on their beauty routines, personal style, and more. Read on to find out what the three talented teens had to say!


Define fashion and what it means to you. 

Fashion is very important to us. Our style is another form of communication with our fans, the #GUDGANG, just like our music.  

How would each of you describe your personal style?

Jatarra – My style is very edgy.  I like anything black with spikes, skulls, scarves and chains.  

Gracious – My style is edgy with a rock feel also. We all have that in common. I like more than black though.                                         
Auna – My style is a little more feminine. I like headbands and cute jewelry.

Who are your fashion role models?  

Rock Stars like Joan Jett. Our show is high energy and we like clothes we can move in!    

Name your three favorite stores to shop at. 

Oh boy, it’s going to be hard to name three! We pick up a lot of our fashion from thrift shops. Sometimes we’ll find the same pair of pants from a store like Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters just to make sure our look is cohesive on stage. But, there is a tiny little rock boutique at Jacksonville Beach that we absolutely love.  We can only afford a few pieces at a time though.

What item in your closet do you wear most? 

Jatarra – I have a scarf with skulls that my grandma bought me for Christmas 2 years ago. I have to make myself choose another one because it’s my go-to piece.           

Gracious – I have a pair of what I call vintage jeans that are my favorite; vintage meaning old. I don’t wear them on stage or for promo events. I just hope they hold up for a couple more years.                                                     

Auna – I have a pair of high top chucks that I’m trying not to wear to death. I really think they match everything in my closet.

Accessories are what pull an outfit together. What is your favorite type of accessory?  

All together say – CHAINS! We put them everywhere…on our pants, our boots and we even use them for necklaces.

Taking care of your skin is extremely important. Describe your skin care routine. 

Very true. We try to make sure to wash all our make-up off before going to bed and we’ve been told that moisturizing is the key to healthy skin. We’ll see in 20 years.

What are your makeup must haves?  

Eye shadow; we have to have our smoky eyes!

What can we expect next from GUDGUD and how can readers stay connected to you?  

Great question. We are working on our next album so stay tuned by going to our website at Of course a video will be coming soon so please subscribe to our YouTube channel. We love performing around town so please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter because we like to keep our #GUDGANG well-informed. Everything can be found at! Make sure you check out our latest video “Krush” as well!

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