5 Beauty Tips To Help Revive Your Skin After Finals Week


For most of us, this past week of school has consisted of nothing but final exams and projects. And, it’s safe to say that the lack of sleep from all those late night cram sessions for Algebra and Biology has definitely caused us all to look a little zombie-like. Thankfully, we’re on holiday break now and can take the next few days to pamper ourselves! Here’s five beauty tips that will help you revive your tired skin:

Catch A Few Extra Z’s

Finals week is definitely the culprit for your dark under-eye bags, but don’t worry they’re nothing a little sleep can’t fix! By taking advantage of these days off and staying snuggled under the covers for at least the recommended 8 hours, those bags will soon be long gone and your complexion will appear much brighter.

Mist Yourself In A Facial Spray

When you’re really feeling the after effects of finals, try misting yourself with a refreshing facial spray. We recommend waking your skin up with a light facial spray like this one by Boots No7 or Evian’s top-rated mineral water facial mist. Both of these products will keep your skin feeling hydrated and cool all day!

Treat Yourself To A Face Mask

Masks are a quick and easy way to improve your skin! Next time you have a couple minutes to spare, try out a face mask like Dr. Jart’s Soothing Mask. Masks such as this one will soothe skin stress and lock in much-needed moisture.

Make It A Point To Moisturize 

While worrying about acing your test, you probably put your daily beauty routine on the back burner. Start getting back on track this week by using a daily facial moisturizer. Picking up a moisturizer like Cetaphil’s Daily Facial Moisturizer is a great choice, no matter your skin type, as it will leave your skin looking tight-and-bright.

Get Rid Of Dead Skin

To get your skin back in tip-top shape, you need to exfoliate to get rid of any dirt and dead skin. We recommend First Aid Beauty’s Cleanse & Exfoliate Kit, which gently removes oil, dirt, and makeup and leaves you with a clean and calm complexion.

What will you be doing this week to revive your skin? Let us know! 

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