Here’s How To Banish Breakouts Before They Even Start


While some girls are born with perfect, pimple-free skin, most of us aren’t and have definitely had our fair share of acne. Dealing with breakouts can be pretty tough and between the countless over-the-counter cleansing products and DIY treatments, it can be hard to determine what will actually going clear up your skin.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to try to prevent breakouts from even happening in the first place so you can always have calm, clear skin!

  • Invest in a facial brush. There is only so much our hands can do when it comes to clearing out the dirt from our pores. That’s why investing in a hand-held facial brush like the Neutrogena Wave Sonic Power-Cleanser is a must. Cleansing brushes can loosen up clogged pores and reduce the amount of grease on your skin significantly, which will reduce the likeliness of a breakout.
  • Stick to makeup that is safe for acne-prone skin. Before you go to apply your concealer or primer, check the label to make sure your makeup is “noncomedogenic,” meaning it will not cause blocked pores. If you’re using makeup that is comedogenic, it can further clog your pores, irritate your skin, and lead to pesky pimples and we definitely don’t want that.
  • Take a closer look at what you use on your hair. Have long hair? If you do and have been experiencing breakouts lately, you may want to start keeping closer tabs on what you use on your lovely locks. Using products on your hair with fragrance as well as oils and gels can block your skin’s pores and cause zits to sprout if your tresses constantly come into contact with your face.
  • Be proactive about your pimples. We want to avoid pimples at all costs, right? Steer clear of flare-ups by applying an acne treatment that is made with benzoyl peroxide to your pimple prone areas before bed. We recommend trying Paula’s Choice Extra Strength Daily Skin Clearing Treatment —Pimples really won’t stand a chance once you apply this spot treatment!

How do you prevent breakouts? Let us know! 

Olivia is the founder and editor-in-chief of Thrifty Minor. In addition, Olivia serves as a Teen Diaries Teen Reporter and Her Campus High School Ambassador. When she's not blogging, you can find her catching up on the latest issue of Seventeen or binge-watching episodes of Empire. You can follow Olivia on Twitter and Instagram at @thriftyolivia!