4 Best Beauty Benefits Of Working Out


This year, I really wanted to start working out more and on January 9th, I put my goal into action! This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending a “Power Yoga for Runners” session, which was taught by celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins. She guided the class through various poses (Yoga is no joke, by the way) and reinforced the idea that regular exercise is the key to living a long, healthy life.

Me (left) and Jeanette Jenkins (right) snapping a photo after an intense hour of yoga.
In addition to helping us to control our weight and prevent diseases, working out can also work magic on our skin and hair! Here are 4 beauty benefits that I hope to reap the rewards of as I continue on my fitness journey this year!

Healthier, Longer Hair

You wouldn’t expect to grow longer hair from doing a Zumba class or lifting weights, right? But it’s true, the increased circulation and blood flow that physical activity causes can stimulate our hair follicles resulting in longer, luscious locks.

Glowing, More Radiant Skin

Whether we decide to go for a jog or hit the treadmill, all forms of exercise get our heart pumping and increase blood circulation. Any time we’re promoting the circulation of blood, we can expect to see more vibrant, radiant skin.

Acne Relief

If you’re like me and experience bad breakouts from time to time, hitting up the gym on a consistent basis is a good way to try to keep pimples to a minimum. A trip to the gym is bound to make us sweat and our perspiration contains a natural antibiotic called “Dermcidin” that is known to fight off acne. However, it’s still important for us to cleanse our skin after a workout session to keep other bacteria from clogging our pores and causing pesky pimples.

Reduced Under-Eye Puffiness

To be quite honest, I don’t get as much as sleep as I should and my lack of rest has resulted in a bit of under-eye puffiness. Luckily, regularly exercising can aid in reducing the amount of water our body retains, which can lessen the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

Girls, do you go to the gym regularly? Have you noticed any other beauty benefits?

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